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Anyahaseyo,Hello!was born on 18 February 1992 at Hospital Sik Kedah..name Fathimah Nachia Binti Syed..but in my web world ilike to use Nafalea M because it is more comercial...love to surf internet,read story books,n doin stupid things..i love to play bowling n badminton..im a pro bowler...n pro badminton player too....im crazy but im not insane!!! Im a grown up teenager n i dont like to waste my time with unworthy things...better if i sit in front of my computer n surf internet...i can read one book in one day...Harry Potter book that have 985 pages...i can read it in 3 days..what to do...it is me... Im a bit obsess of number three 3 & 33...n i dont know why...i love to watch the stars on the sky every night...its really inspired me...i have a friend that always annoyed me but i still can control my temper..trust me!!!im a hot tempered person too...the one who alwayz test my temper is of course my damn brothers!!!! i might be a bit bossy n i dont like to be controlled im an independent girl like to stand n walk by myself dont like to depends on others.. i talk a lot!!n im an active student too...sports is my best subject..now im really obsessed with korean...n also korean movie n dramas...really love it!!!n i love Kim Bum,Lee Dong Wook,Lee Da Hae N Ming Dao..i would love to go further study at United Kindom..im a bit bossy but still can tolerate with others...im not selfish but i do care more about myself...i really love to read fantasy books...for sure its Harry Potter n the Chronicles Of Narnia!! i do believe in miracle...i want to be a businesswoman one day...maybe a chef too..em..not maybe but i really want to be a chef n my idol is Daniel Boulud..He is a French Chef!my favourite food is western n italy...i do love sushi too..my height is 168cm or 5'8 inch.!im not proud of myself but i do have the confident to myself n believe i cant do nothing!!thats the spirits!!like..i believe i can fly but that impossible right?so think about it...i know this description might a bit confused but this is me!!.Kamsahamida!

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